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Jó, tak tohle je tak necelej rok zpátky. Někdy o prázdninách, nebo spíš po prázdninách, těžko říct.
Hrozně moc mě láká představa CESTY. Samozřejmě v abstraktním slova smyslu. Vždycky jsem chtěla cestovat, ale nikdy jsem neměla odvahu. Kdyby to bylo s někym, neváham. Ale sama? Nikdy. To bych aspoň musela bejt chlap. Ne, díky, svýho ženskýho vzhledu si zatim docela cenim.

I wanna go so far
And don't turn my head
Find some place
With clear sunset and singing trees
Where's nothing dead
Stay as long as I need
No convenience
Just few books
And no greed
Persistant memories
On days, when I didn't have to go so far for a smile
And when I don't want to stay
I just drive away
I'd ride on the endless road
And have been thinking of you
Because there's nothing else I knew
I've learned to live by things
That makes me weak
And just push away
What helps for real

And the road will seem like a getaway
From everything and everyone
Wherever I go
I won't be known no more
I'll be another stranger
Isn't that strange?
Maybe I'll survive just one night
At least I'll know it took the fight
That it was supposed to be
But I won't forget you
Somewhere in mountains
On horseback or in the woods
Wherever I go
I will see your ghost
And I'll be living by
The things that hurt me most
But I won't mind
Because that will be the reason
Why I'm gone

Singing songs makes echoes in my head
Like your voice does
And it's not like you're dead

And the road will be like escape
From the things I don't wanna know
Wherever I'll go
No one knows my face
They won't know which face is right
Or which is bad
Because they don't know me
And I don't know this place
But I'll be thinking of you
Whether I'm mean or wrong
Whether I'm good or strong
Whether I'm breathing or dead
Whether I'm happy or sad
Whether I'm guest or a host
I will still recall
The things that hurt me most

All that I can see
Is just forests and houses on the horizon
But I don't watch them from the car
But from the cage I'm in
From all those books there's only one
And I can smell the breeze
With taste of my dreams
I'm cold
It's just the truth I don't want to see
If I could stand at windowsill
And spread my arms
And look at the real me
I wouldn't go too far
There's something waiting to be
But it's not getaway
It's the distant me


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