Guarding angel

18. července 2014 v 23:28 | Arielle |  Básničky
I'm walking with my guarding angel,
He loves me well.
He loves me so much,
That it's hard to tell.

He showed me a way,
He opened my heart.
Can you hear the heaven's bell?
It's much better than art.

And now I see what's right,
When I opened my eyes.
There's not a darkness
Except the night.

Do you know what I mean?
I feel now the love that's real.
And it's not for you,
My darling, your ego.

All just lies,
Keep it going if it' okay with you.
Lies and you, the same thing, it's true.
You know it too.

Drinking, seems like I'm all alone,
But I'm way better on my own.
Myself and all the light,
All the light, shines so bright.

But still I see clear,
Know what's fake and what's real.
So thank you for all the shit you gave to me,
Yeah, thank you, but leave me be.

I don't need you to let me down,
There's still a hope in this town.
And thank you for letting me know,
There's more that can be shown.

I feel know, I feel, I feel.
It sucks, but it's been a good deal.
And I feel so good, so fucking cool.
So fucking cool without you, my dear.

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